Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct 18th 2010

Still hanging in there with WW and am down to goal is 202! finishing up Power90 and i'll take the fit test for P90X...If I pass it, I'll start that program, otherwise, I'll do another 45 days of p90.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

two years later

what a journey it's been...My weight shot up to 264 again and through the hard work of Weight Watchers and exercise, I got down to 231.6 which is a 4 year low...Next goal is 220!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 84 (actually it's day 118)

My weight is down to 233.5 which represents a 12 point loss in this period.

I'm going to start a new blog after my trip to Miami... my next goal is to focus down to 220 lbs over my next 84 day period.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 76 Thursday

I went to the gym for the first time in several days and had a decent workout. I'm pretty sure I do want to change it though to something more standard (Body for life) style. I'm going to finish reading Tom Veneto's BFFM and get some guidance there. the Men's fitness training isn't really feeling right to me. I'm still vacilating between 233 and 235. I'm excited about getting to 232 because that's the time when I started my accelerated weight gain 2/1/06.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 70 Friday

Well two breakthroughs.

1) I've stopped the daily measuring of food and going more on body feel. I order a sandwhich and a salad every day and eat 1/2 the sandwhich, three hours later, the salad, three hours later, the other sandwich. that's a good 3 meals at work.. I have a fiber filled breakfast and a nice dinner.

Breakthrough 1) - physical - I now have a '2' in my bodyfat measurement! I went from 35% in 3/19/08 to 29.9% to 5/23/08. I'm totally stoked.

Breakthrough 2) - psychological - I posted my full body shirtless front facing picture on a dating site. It's the first time I've felt comfortable doing that in over 2 years. Got some compliments too!

I also finished my auditing of all my medical records and historic weight measurements. I've learned alot.

1) I'm blown away that doctors don't keep medical records very long. Santa Cruz had it in storage though...Thanks Santa Cruz Medical Center

2) Weight watchers is a quick way to lose weight. I've had 2, 20-25 point weight loss drops but it always has come back and worse, at a higher slope than before.

3) Jenny Craig is a quick way to lose weight, but the slope of weight gain was even higher and faster than before.

4) this 5x a day eating regimen works. I believe it will continue to work over time. I'm rarely starving between meals like i was in WW.

5) My boyfriends have made me fat. Okay...that's not fair...but when i was with Will for 3 years my weight jumped from 211-236 (25 lbs). When I was with Rey it jumped from 240 to 265 (25 lbs). I was joking with Will yesterday that I no longer want to be in a relationship (fat and happy) but just happy. I can do skinny and happy.

6) I have specific historical markers.

a) at 234 today ... I'm already at the lowest point since 5/06

b) at 220 ... I'll be at the lowest point since 3/06 (lower then when I joined my job) (14 lbs from now)

c) at 219 ... I'll be at the lowest point since 6/04 when I did my first AIDS ride ALC3 (15 lbs from now)

d) at 211 ... That was my weight when I met Will (23 lbs from now)

e) at 204 ... that was my weight when I joined SVGMC (30 lbs from now)

f) at 202 ... that will be my lowest weight since 3/1/03 when I avoided taking blood pressure meds. I'll go to my doctor at that time and I will ask to be removed.(32 lbs from now)

g) at 201 .. that was my weight in 4/1/99 (33 lbs from now)

so in just 33 lbs, I will be the lowest I've weighed in 9 years...That's a very powerful visual for me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Day 68

bought a camera and have new pics.
weight 235 lbs. body fat creeping back up to 30.6. need to do more cardio. looking at the pics compared to the ones taken in March reveal not much change in the front, a more v shape in the back and a significant change in the side belly profile.

I think I may want to change my workout routine though and look for something that focus more on chest and arms. I'll continue reading BTFFTM and see if Tom has any good suggestions.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Day 61

I've started to think of my weight in terms of the last time I weighed this much and what activities I was able to do with that weight.

I told my co-worker Eric who's boat I couldn't get up on skis in last year at 265 that I will NEVER fail again to get up on skis.

So today's weight 135.5 lbs with 30.3% bf puts be back at June 2006. There I did ALC 5 quite successfully. There's also something psychologically rewarding about being at a weight and a time before I met Rey that fuels my motivation. While our relationship was solid, honest, and rewarding on so many levels, it's also the time in my life when my weight shot up the highest in my life. In my next relationship, I want to innoculate against that behavior... Instead of being fat and happy, I want to be lean and happy.

at 232lbs lbs I'll be at my Yosemite weight. I asked this guy Mike that I'm beginning to date if I look like my pictures and he said I didn't look much like my Yosemite picture and I think my face was thinner.

at 230 lbs I'll be at my ALC3 weight which is an exciting milestone... On my first AIDS ride, I climbed EVERY hill, road every mile and looked pretty good.

My ex - Will is coming to town next week and he's very supportive of my weight loss. It was his comment that kicked me in the ass the last time and I'm eager to show him my results.